DP-500T00-A Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI [Cloud Slice Provided] SIMPLIFIED CHINESE

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本课程介绍大规模执行高级数据分析的方法和做法。 学生将在现有分析经验的基础上,学习如何实现和管理数据分析环境、查询和转换数据、实现和管理数据模型,以及浏览和可视化数据。 在本课程中,学生将使用 Microsoft Purview、Azure Synapse Analytics 和 Power BI 来构建分析解决方案。

This course uses Azure Cloud Slice! Azure Cloud Slice eliminates the need for pass management and allows users to get straight to learning. No student Azure Passes are required. Each lab has a maximum of 10 launches.

To learn more about Azure Cloud Slice labs, visit our MOC Labs and Azure Access webpage.

Instructors: Please review the "Instructor Delivery Guide" course activity prior to class delivery. This activity includes important instructor and user information, as well as delivery best practices.

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