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My Account

How do I create an account for my company?

To create a new company account:

Click the "Create an Account" link on the right-hand side of the top navigation bar.

Follow the prompts to complete setting up your company account.

You will need your Microsoft Org ID and Location ID to register your account (How to lookup my Microsoft Org and Location ID)

Your information is NEVER sold to any other company and is kept completely private. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I edit my account information?

To edit your account information, login using the "Sign in" link at the top right-hand side of our site. Next, click on "My Account" and on “Account Settings” to edit your account information.

I forgot my password.

Click the "Sign in" link at the top right-hand side of our site. Beside the login box you'll see a link that says, "Forgot your password?" Click the link and then enter the email address you use to sign into your account to request a new password. An email will be sent to the address entered containing a link to verify your email address.

I have previously bought Skillable-hosted labs from the Microsoft Courseware Marketplace (managed by arvato) and my purchasing account information was migrated automatically to the Skillable Marketplace for Microsoft Partners, how do I access my new account?

If your account was migrated, you were sent an email confirming the migration and requesting that you create a new password for your new purchasing account on the Skillable Marketplace for Microsoft Partners. If you have not received an email, please check your junk or spam folders. You can also directly set your password by clicking on "Reset Password" and entering in the email address you use to log into the Skillable TMS (as both sites use the same email address). 

If you do not receive an email from the Reset Password function, please fill out the Create an Account form and our customer support team will get your account set up.

Note that all your purchases, whether purchased from the Microsoft Courseware Marketplace or the Skillable Marketplace for Microsoft Partners, are available to the same organization in our Skillable TMS (which is where you create classes, manage deliveries etc).

How do I add more users to my company account?

Login using the "Sign in" link at the top right-hand side of our site. Next, click on "My Account" and on “User Management”.  You will see a list of current users (name, email, role). You can edit or delete current users by clicking on either "Edit" or "Delete" beside their name or add new users by clicking on the 'Add New User' button at the bottom of the list of users.

  • Junior Buyer — can submit Shopping Lists for approval by Senior Buyers or Company Admins. Junior Buyers cannot make purchases on their own. This role is useful for Company employees that require approval to make purchases for their business.
  • Senior Buyer — can approve Shopping Lists from Junior Buyers or create their own. Senior Buyers can also place orders on the storefront and view Company order history. This role can be used for Company managers that regularly make purchases on behalf of their business, or who oversee a team that creates purchase lists to be approved.
  • Admin — In addition to the actions available to Senior Buyers, Admins can manage other aspects of their Company account, such as setting up business addresses and adding new users. This role should be assigned to individuals that manage the entire Company account.

Order Status

Has my order been delivered?

To view your Order Status, you must first login to access your account. This ensures that your private information will be secure. Once signed in, click on the "My Account" link at the top right-hand side of our site to check your order status.

My email(s) never arrived.

If you are a registered user, you can check on the order status by logging into your account and click on "Orders".

If your order shows a status of "completed" but you have not received your email, please check any spam or quarantine folders to ensure it hasn’t been obstructed. If you are still unable to find an email, please contact customer service for assistance.

Azure course naming

Nomenclature changes for Azure Pass and Cloud Slice provisions

Skillable has updated the course naming convention regarding reference to Azure Pass and Cloud Slice provisions within the respective lab environments. Please note the following changes:

[Azure Pass Required] >> is now >> [Azure Pass Provided]

[No Azure Pass Required] >> is now >> [Cloud Slice Provided]

Delivery, Refunds and Returns

I received the wrong product.

If you feel that you have received the wrong product, please contact customer service within 48 hours of receiving the product.

How do I request a refund?

Skillable does not offer refunds for purchases made on Skillable Marketplace. Please contact customer service if you feel you have an exception to this policy.

What is your return policy?

Bundled and digital products cannot be returned.

When will my order be fulfilled?

Digital learning products will be fulfilled after your order is processed and payment is received. Usually this will occur within an hour of the payment’s resolution, but in some cases may take up to 2 business days. 

International Delivery

Do you sell your products to my country?

Note that due to government and/or business regulations, this store is unable to make any sales to Russia, Belarus, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Iran, or Sudan at this time.

Pricing and Billing

Do I have to pay sales tax?

You will need to pay sales tax if you are located in a place where Skillable does business. Sales tax will be dynamically calculated and displayed during the checkout process. If you are a tax exempt organization please contact customer service after creating your account for us to be able to update your records in our system after verification.

I have a question on my charges.

If you have a question about a charge, please review your order history first.

If you are a registered user, you can check on the order status here.

You can compare your order history on our website with your financial records. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact customer service for further assistance.

What are my payment choices?

We only accept payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover). Please note that we will not fulfill your order until we receive payment from you.

We do not offer a line of credit for purchasing through the Skillable Marketplace and only accept payment using a debit or credit card at the time of purchase. For customers committing to spending more than USD$12,000/year, we offer monthly billing and volume discounts plus a dedicated account manager - click here for more information.

What currencies do you support?

We support displaying prices in multiple currencies, but all purchases are made in US Dollars (with currency exchange rates being automatically updated every 4 hours).

  • US Dollar - USD
  • Australian Dollar - AUD
  • Brazilian Real - BRL
  • British Pound - GBP
  • Canadian Dollar - CAD
  • Euro - EUR
  • Hong Kong Dollar - HKD
  • Indian Rupee - INR
  • Japanese Yen - JPY
  • Mexican Peso - MXN
  • New Taiwan Dollar - TWD
  • New Zealand Dollar - NZD
  • Philippine Peso - PHP
  • Singapore Dollar - SGD
  • South African Rand - ZAR
  • South Korean Won - KRW
  • Swiss Franc - CHF
  • Thai Baht - THB

I need a copy of my receipt/invoice.

Login to the "My Account" link at the top right-hand side of our site to view your orders and print invoices.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged immediately on placing the order.

Redeeming purchased lab vouchers

Vouchers are automatically redeemed to your account in our Training Management System usually within one hour after purchase from our store.

I received email confirmation that my order has been fulfilled/completed, how do I get started?

Please view our documentation for new customers: How Do I Get Started With Skillable Marketplace?

Buyer's Guide

How do I navigate the site?

To navigate this website, simply select the Catalog link from the navigation bar.

How do I use a coupon?

After adding items to your cart, click the "View Cart" link at the top of this site to view your cart. At the bottom of the shopping cart you will see a box where you may enter and apply your coupon code to your order


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How do I contact you?

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